The aim of the staff at Mirage Hotel and Restaurant is to strike your fancy in discovering the town, to flash experiences and offer programs, possibilities and to transfer feelings. We encourage you to start your journey here. Sárvár is more than a town of spas! Know the different faces of Sárvár and discover it historical sights. Visit the Nádasdy Castle, the old buildings and relax under the shade of the trees in the Arboretum. Energize yourself with the power of the thermal waters, enjoy the services of Mirage Hotel. Let yourself be seduced by the different festivals, feel the special atmosphere of the town that is created by the wellness services, the history of the town, the traditions, the culture and the different leisure activities. There are no illusions, Sárvár will be love at first sight. If you carefully look around, everything is available in Sárvár in a very short distance: the 10- hectare arboretum, the rowing lake, banks of the Rába river as well as the thermal spa of the town - together with the theme park - that is in the neighbourhood of the hotel, which provides you and your children a nowadays very fashionable and healthy relaxation. This friendly oasis ensures a day- long program with its indoor and outdoor swimming pools, slides, wellness services and restaurants. The thermal water is good for rheumatic problems and articular diseases. After leaving the spa finish your day in the restaurant of the Mirage Hotel, where we are waiting our guests in an exclusive environment with special dishes. Let us invite you into our 4-star hotel that is in the vicinity of the thermal spa. The hotel was opened in the spring/summer of 2013 and we are offering the following services:   Single and double bed rooms with air conditioning, half board, free Wi-Fi (etc.)    Services"> If you would like to know our town and you would like to feel the experience behind the words, please contact us on one of the following availabilities.